Supporting LGBTI People During Difficult Marriage Equality Debate

We want to support the LGBTI community during this difficult time while we are waiting for the results of the non-binding Marriage Equality survey. The community has continued to be discriminated against throughout history but currently the intensity and outright attacking has affected so many of us in a deep and personal way..

For many people this may bring up a lot of old or negative feelings, or things that you thought you might have worked through when you first came out or at another time in your life. Some of us over the years have noticed the community becoming accepting, however this feeling has deteriorated as we know now that there are many people in the community wanting to deem our rights as less than equal. We want to acknowledge during this difficult time, members of the community who are affected by the survey can be supported with counselling from one of our team. Some things that might be coming up for you during this time:

An increase in feeling unsafe and unable to be yourself.

Feeling judged or drawn into horrible conversations with family, friends or others.

Increased mental health issues, specifically depression or anxiety.

Lowered self esteem and feeling isolated.

If you find yourself needing to talk things through, or wanting to reach out for support, our practice is offering low cost counselling at the rate of $50 per session for those affected by the Marriage Equality Debate. Just mention that you have read this blog post for the $50 sessions, we will offer 5 sessions at this rate. If you see Prue under a mental health treatment plan you will be able to rebate the whole $50 after the session with Medicare.
Check out the rest of our website for more information on other supports we offer.

Here at SPT we want to support people and give them space to talk about how this has affected them.



We have locations in Yarraville and Mill Park. If you or a LGBTI friend lives in these areas please encourage them to reach out, like the post and share with anyone who might need some help.
How to make a time?

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