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January 6, 2019
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January 8, 2019

Counselling Mill Park Prue Gilligan

Prue Gilligan has been working in the counselling field for the last 15 years and has a range of experience with different client groups and various mental health presentations. Prue varies her approach depending on what issue you are presenting with. Prue has comprehensive experience working with trauma clients and is prepared to sit with you processing different aspects of this trauma. Whereas if you are seeing Prue from anxiety management she may focus more on practical techniques in the counselling sessions to give you skills to add to your tool kit to improve coping. Often while working with couples counselling she will focus on concrete skills and strategies to try and improve the romantic relationship. Prue’s focus with couples has a more psycho-educational and information sharing focus with many couples, with a focus on what couples can do outside of session to make the most of the sessions. Prue is warm, open and engaging but also challenging when appropriate. Having a safe place to talk is highly important to both Prue and Stuart, creating a space that is inviting and warm but also open and honest, honing in on the core problems of clients.
Outside of working at our Mill Park Counselling office, Prue is a counsellor at a suicide prevention service. This highlights Prue’s passion for counselling, both in the community sector and in private practice at Mill Park. Prue has a strong focus on high quality counselling and attention to the therapeutic needs of clients. Working with depression, anxiety, and personality disorders are Prue’s specialty which she has a passion for, along with relationship counselling. Below is a list of areas Prue is experienced in working with (but not limited to):

Anxiety and Depression
Relationship Counselling
LGBTQ mental health
Borderline Personality Disorder
Trauma counselling
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

What to expect in a first sessions with Prue? 95% of the time clients come into a first session with a whole list of problems they are facing. Often Prue will start with asking the client what has prompted them to make the appointment and to think about counselling. Depending on what the issue is that the client presents with dictates what approach Prue will use. If there are quick positive changes that the client can institute Prue will talk to the client about things they might be able to start doing straight away. Whereas other issues may need time to be explored and unpacked in detail.
Often the first session is about asking questions related to coping, the amount of issues the person is carrying and then unpacking the reasons for counselling that the person has brought. So ask yourself; what are your goals for counselling? What do you want to focus on? And what is helpful/unhelpful in your life right now to talk through in the first session? Answering these questions will help direct the counselling support that you would like.
Below is some information about our Mill park counselling office. Want to make a time? Click on the book a time with Prue button below to make a counselling session time in Mill Park. You can also call our intake number to start talking about what’s going on for you with Prue as she has the intake phone. Take the time for yourself and your mental health and reach out today.
Our Mill Park counselling spot is located in the stables shopping Centre, easily accessible from the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The office is upstairs inside the Fullife Pharmacy. Parking is easy at the Stables.

Yes we offer Medicare Rebated Sessions

This heavily reduces your out of pocket fees of counselling. Generally counselling costs from $160 per session but at Safe Place Therapy our medicare rebated sessions reduce the out of pocket to $55 per session. If financial issues are an issue we are open to talking with you about a reduced rate.
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