Depression Counselling Mill Park

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Anxiety Counselling Mill Park
December 27, 2018
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Depression Counselling Mill Park

Depression counselling

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Depression Counselling Mill Park

Depression is a very difficult experience for everyone. Depression takes different forms and there is no 'one size fits all' in terms of symptoms. Like all mental health issues depression can be viewed on a sliding scale from mild symptoms to extreme symptoms that stops a person from functioning at their best. There is a stereotyped 'depressed person' however anyone can have depression. Here are some symptoms that do occur:

•Depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day
•Loss of energy, feeling exhausted, lethargic, and fatigued
•Lack of mental concentration, and inability to remain focused
•No longer feeling pleasure or joy from activities that were previously enjoyed
•Significant weight loss or weight gain
•Sleeping too much or too little
•Restlessness and an inability to stay still
•Feelings of worthlessness and/or excessive or inappropriate guilt
•Recurrent thoughts of death

(Source: DSM V)
Our Depression Counselling Mill Park professionals are here to support you with your depression. The first step is reaching out and working through your experience as your depression experience is unique to you. Our professional team are in your corner and willing to take the time to first hear your story and then put in place evidenced based strategies that really work. Yes, depression can be treated and you can have a life without having depression drag you down. This takes time and effort and our Mill Park Counsellors are here to support you.

This is what is different about us

Here are some points of difference about Safe Place Therapy:

We are affordable and flexible: our session costs are much more reasonable than others, and we offer low-cost options and Medicare rebated sessions to eligible clients
We are human first and professionals second: Our clients love that we don’t lecture them or preach as an expert. Our job is to be a human being and work with you.
We offer support and understanding: We want to understand your story and unpack your experience, working with you towards your goals.
We are a safe place: This is more than just a physical safety, it’s about providing unique and tailored therapy that is non-judgemental and appropriate for each individual.

Yes we offer Medicare Rebated Sessions

This heavily reduces your out of pocket fees of counselling. Generally counselling costs from $160 per session but at Safe Place Therapy our medicare rebated sessions reduce the out of pocket to $55 per session. If financial issues are an issue we are open to talking with you about a reduced rate.
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stuart cheverton

Stuart Cheverton Mental Health Social Worker

Depression counselling can be very difficult to reach out for. The symptoms of depression are individual to you and you need support to best first manage and then move towards recovery. Stuart is recovery based in his work, focusing on practical goals initially to alleviate depressive symptoms. Stuart takes time to understand what is going on for you, being calm and patient in his engagement with clients. Stuart has worked in the mental health field for a number of years has worked with many different client presentations of depression. If depression is stopping you living the life you want, take the time and reach out for support.
prue gilligan

Prue Gilligan Mental Health Social Worker

Prue has extensive experience working in mental health for 15+ years. Prue's warm and inviting nature creates a positive environment to help support change for the better. Prue focusing on unpacking all the areas in your life that are working, and things that are not working. Prue will talk to you about small changes that you can make to start to improve the way you are feeling. Prue is able to work with depression and mood disorders and prides herself on being fully present and engaged in understanding what is happening for you. Prue focuses on not only looking at the present and what might be contributing to your mood, but also what has happened in the past that might be contributing to what is happening for you now. It is important to understand where some of your faulty, negative or self-critical thoughts might be coming from and how to combat them.

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