LGBTQ counselling in Melbourne

Our team is more than just ‘LGBTQ friendly’, we are part of the LGBTQ community, and in your corner

Finding a LGBT counsellor or gay psychologist can be very hard in Melbourne. 

We constantly ask ‘will this person get me’ or understand the journey of coming out, internalized homophobia/biphobia/transphobia or ongoing discrimination I face? 

There are many things heterosexual counsellors may think they understand but without in depth learning they fall short of basic knowledge of what it means to be LGBTQ.


Our issues in the LGBTQ community are unique and this means we need gay counselling or LGBTQ counselling from a professional who understands

Safe Place Therapy counsellors are experienced in working with many different people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and also those who identify as non binary. Your gender and sexual orientation is one part of you and how you identify should be respected and celebrated. This means learning what pro nouns you would like us to use or opening up the conversation if you are dealing with gender dysphoria or curious about your sexuality. 

We come to counselling with an open heart and mind to hear your story and support you!

Making your first booking is easy! Just select your preferred location:

Fees & Rebates

Appointments cost $130 per session. This is well below many other services who charge $160 or more. Safe Place Therapy does offer a lower cost rate for clients in need.

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We also offer Medicare rebates.

Some of the things we find are coming up in counselling work with the LGBTQ community:

Coming out issues

Relationship problems

Difficulties with sexuality and sex in relationships

Internalized homophobia, biphobia or transphobia

Discrimination, bullying or outright abuse

Mental health issues

You may have experienced the above or something else but the point is it is important to reach out if your struggling. 

Safe Place Therapy is here to be in your corner and work with you.

stuart cheverton

Stuart Cheverton

Therapist and Founding Partner

Stuart is an openly gay Mental Health Social Worker passionate about working with the queer community and everyone in it. 

He has extensive experience in counselling gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer people and offer real support for you in your situation. 

Stuart’s straight forward and down to earth approach is relieving to clients who just often need someone in their corner. 

He is willing to have a chat over the phone first if you’d like to speak before making a time. 

Reach out today for your mental health.

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