Myotherapy at Safe Place Therapy Melbourne
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Helping your body feel better

What is Myotherapy ?

Myotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of musculokeletal pain.
Myotherapy treatment differs from massage in that it holds a very comprehensive understanding of the whole body, using treatment modalities that address not only muscles but the nervous system, fascia, ligaments and joints.
Our muscles and organs are all attached to connective tissue known as fascia. Irritable spots known as myofascial trigger points can cause restriction and pain. Due to understanding the role of fascia and the nervous system, Myotherapists look at the entire chain rather than just at the site of pain. Often chronic pain (such as chronic lower back pain) is due to myofascial restriction. 

What techniques are used?

Myotherapists use a range of techniques that can include myofascial release, cupping, trigger point therapy, musculoskeletal alignment, joint mobilisation and dry needling. Your myotherapist will usually give you some corrective exercises and stretches to help at home.
You may see a myotherapist for treatment simply for a sore back, however, myotherapy also provides specialised treatment for a large range of injuries. This includes things like: clicking jaw, shoulder impingements, tennis elbow, headaches, sprains, sciatica, chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Advise your myotherapist of any pre-existing diagnosis and bring any x-rays or paperwork with you to your appointment. 

Why pick us? We help

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Maeve Williams Myotherapist Safe Place Therapy Footscray

Maeve Williams: Myotherapist

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy

Maeve is available on Thursdays


Ready to make a time? Click on the book now button below or call us on 0411 791 089

Location: 86 Paisley Street Footscray, close to West Footscray train station

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