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Waking up on a monday morning

The Sleep Health Foundation completed a study of just over 1,000 people and found that 40% of men and women had poor sleep. Symptoms related to a lack of sleep were reported as fatigue, dozing off and feeling irritable which affected 30-39% of those surveyed.

But does our lack of sleep and irritability go deeper than just feeling tired? There has been many studies that link poor sleep in just one night with poor memory, attention span and moving between tasks. More to this, those experiencing sleep deprivation in studies report depression, anxiety and frustration. In a study observing the emotional reaction of those sleep deprived and those not found that those with little sleep overreacted emotionally to neutral stimuli. So in other words, sleepy people are more prone to evaluating things more negatively and also report more depressive symptoms than those well rested.

Lets not stretch this out to connect all depressed people with a lack of sleep and then prescribe a sleeping tablet. This is about looking at your life and understanding whats helping you and whats hindering you. In terms of sleep, how are you tracking? Do you see it impacting how you interact and react to whats around you ? If you answered yes there is a number of sleep hygiene tests you can take. Here is a test below you can take from the National Sleep Foundation. Better sleep could mean a world of difference.

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