Safe Place Therapy counsellors understand the ongoing struggle of studying and the many stressors that come with this. There are so many important things to focus on that we lose track of our mental health and recognising the warning signs that things arn't working. Below are a list of common problems and things students need to think about which cause increased mental health issues.

Prioritizing tasks and managing time

So often we hear that lecturers and parents tell their children that getting through study is all about managing your time. This is 'easier said than done' when you have four subjects to study, exam periods, assessments, scheduling in class as well as working. All these things pile up and we become overwhelmed with the massive mountain of tasks.

Independence and issues with relationships

At the same time of going to uni, students are also moving out of the family home and being more independent which can be scary and trying. This increases poor eating habits, big nights out and issues with housemates as we try to do the 'adult thing'.

Financial issues

Based on Centrelink payments alone, living week to week can be extremely hard for anyone, but specifically for students who often cant work because of their uni commitments. Safe Place Therapy understands this and there are a number of options available to you. Click on the link below for further information.

Mental Health issues.

Right at the time when we are leaving home or heavily involved in study our mental health can also change for the worse. Growing feelings of isolation and study stress builds up and without working through these things, anxiety and depression can fog our daily life. Read more about depression and anxiety below if these are relevant to you. Safe Place Therapy is here to support you with many different issues so click on the common issues tab to read through some common services we provide.
If we add all these issues up (or different ones you are experiencing) we can see a picture of someone who is struggling to get through. If your having a tough time it is important that you reach out for support and get counselling help. Our counsellors are ready to work with you. To make a low cost counselling time please contact us directly on:

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