Premarital Counselling

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Premarital counselling or pre marriage counselling is a positive and useful options for many couples. There is alot of stress before a wedding in terms of stress related to the event, thinking about your marriage and what it will be like and moving into the next phase of the relationship. This can be daunting as some coupples feel that certain issues need to be worked on before the wedding can happen. premarital counselling can be a good step as our counsellors can help shape discussions about ‘where to’? after the wedding and focusing goals based on your agreed values. Often people come to premarital counselling because:

There is an issues that needs to be worked through before the wedding
There is built up stress related to the wedding day
There is cultural or family issues based on the upcoming marriage
The couple wanted to talk through steps forward after the wedding to help keep them on track.

These above issues maybe relevant to you and your partner or you may have a unique experience that you would like to talk through. Premarital counselling is a step towards being more open in the relationship and really naming how you feel. There can also be an issue of one or both people ‘getting cold feet’. This creates a big stress between the two people as to whether they want go ahead with the wedding. ‘Cold fee’t in essence is a lack of communication about issues. It isnt being said or has something changed that hasn’t been talked through? Both parties need to feel like are able to share what is going for them and talk this through properly.

And what about a life game plan?

Does both partners want children? What about where you want to live or even your career goals? Sometimes these questions are swept under the carpet and not talked about which is really unfair. Premarital counselling is about creating a safe place to talk, open up discussions and also do some planning for the future. Take the time for your relationship and reach out for support before your wedding day.

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