Relationship counselling in Melbourne

Relationship counselling can be hard work for any couple. 

It is important for the counsellor to make both partners feel supported and heard in their experience of what is going on in the relationship.

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Main problems in a couple

‘They never listen to me’ OR ‘I can’t get a word in’

Do you feel like your having the same conversation over and over and not getting anywhere? Or are you just not talking at all? We are here to tell you that every single relationship has communication issues. What often happens is we get into this rut of the famous ‘he said/she said’ arguments and we can get caught up in a cycle of fighting. Because we know our partner well we know how to hurt them and sometimes we say hurtful things and this spirals things. 

When we sit you both down and start talking about communication usually each partner can easily recognize what they are doing that is unhelpful and adds to the breakdown in connection. Why do we do this? There are many reasons but often its because we feel unheard, unsupported and revert back to bad ways of communicating. 

If communication with your partner is making things not work, reach out to our service and we can talk this through.

‘I feel alone in this relationship’ or ‘they are so hot and cold all the time’ or even ‘i’m walking on egg shells’

In the middle of any relationship is the lack of connection that you have. If you can remember back to when you first met, usually you can think of a time where you both spent time together, went out of your way to do something special or just had one-on-one time. Over time we get busy and comfortable or issue come up that pull you apart. 

We usually see this in couples who haven’t spent the time to talk things through and feel unable to share their feelings in a safe way. A lot of couples are unsure how to support their partner when they are going through a hard time. We also see feelings being hidden away or replacing true feelings with frustration of the other person because its easier to display anger than sadness or fear. 

Our first priority in your emotional connection to your partner is talking about your ability to feel safe with them. There may have been real reasons why you have pulled away from them and our sessions need to focus on this. If you would like a deeper connection with your partner please contact our service and we can discuss this further.

‘i’ve lost trust in them’

Is there just that ‘one thing’ that has ripped your relationship apart? Whether it be an affair, the one fight you always have and it seems that all other fights revert back to this one issue. You both feel stuck and consumed by this issue and cant move forward. The other aspect of this is your changed perception of your partner and the loss of respect or trust that has come with it. The way they have behaved or treated you in the past has carried forward and tainted how you both interact now. We don’t want to downplay how horrible this experience can be and what your going through right now. We may not believe it right now but if both partners are willing and wanting to work on the relationship, things can get better.

If any or a combination of the above issues are happening for you and your partner our service is here to help. We are happy to have a conversation over the phone or to speak with you on a first appointment time. Take the time for your relationship.

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Appointments cost $150 per session. This is well below many other services who charge $160 or more. Safe Place Therapy does offer a lower cost rate for clients in need.

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