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Therapy for Social Anxiety

Almost all of us feel a little socially awkward at some point, maybe even very shy. However, when social anxiety becomes overwhelming, to the point of getting in the way of your life, it’s time to get expert help.

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Trans Counselling

Supporting Trans people feel safe and supported with mental health This page was created with the help from trans clients that have been to Safe

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Myotherapy at Safe Place Therapy Melbourne


Helping your body feel better What is Myotherapy ? Myotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of musculokeletal pain. Myotherapy treatment differs from massage in that it

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Relaxation massage

We are all so busy so its ok to relax Our lives are so caught up with work schedules, timelines and rushing tasks for deadlines

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be an amazing time but it also can be a painful time! Not many people talk about the extra weight, the sore spots

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Stress Management

Stress, which is the way your body responds to events, is a natural part of life. There can be good and bad stress, such as

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Bipolar Type 2

Type II Bipolar Disorder We are most familiar with type II bipolar disorder. It is the form of bipolar most often portrayed in film and

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