Counselling services in Footscray, Mill Park and Geelong can be hard to find, especially finding a counsellor who sits in your corner and works with you. At Safe Place Therapy we strive to be in your corner and pride ourselves on creating a counselling service that is a safe place for you. We often hear that mental health issues are not supported enough in the community. We want to change this by providing therapists in Melbourne that are different. This is what is different about us;

Footscray services close by to Footscray train station and Middle Footscray station, easily accessible from Yarraville, Newport, Williamstown and surrounding areas.

Mill Park Services close by to Epping, South Morang, Thomastown and surrounding areas.

Geelong service very close to the Geelong CBD (two minutes drvie) and a short distance from Newport and Belmont areas.

We pride ourselves on the following

We are affordable and flexible: our session costs are much more reasonable than others and we offer low cost options and medicare rebated sessions.
We are human first and professionals second: Our clients love that we don’t lecture them or preach as an expert. Our job is to be a human being and work with you.
We are in your corner: We want to understand your story and unpack your experience, working with you towards your goals.
We are a safe place: This is more than just a physical safety, its about providing trauma informed support that is non-judgemental and appropriate.
A mental health counsellor should be a trusted support that engages with you. From our experiences, mental health disorders are individual and someone needing ‘depression counselling’ while may have some general similarities to another person, your story is unique and our work together should be about you. Having a mental health problem is a big thing for anyone to face and facing it alone makes things worse. In our first appointment with you, our job is to listen. Listen to your experience so you feel heard and then we can work further on what might help. We are here to help understand and work alongside you.

There is a big myth out there that ‘someone who sees a counsellor (or therapist/psychologist) has a mental disorder’ and we hope to debunk this. Counselling can be for stress, a workplace issue, an unexpected life change event like a divorce or even that you have questions about finding direction in your life. Of course, we offer support for mental health issues but we also support people who just need some time to talk through a specific issue. We want people to move away from the idea that a counselling service is something that is a last resort. Mental health should be very similar to physical health, we all need to strive towards being healthy in all aspects of our life.

Below is a list of services we provide. Please take the time to read through this list and contact us with any questions. We also have our ‘meet our team’ tab. Here you can find out more about our individual's therapists.


or call us 0411 791 089.