Counselling for Teenagers

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April 19, 2019
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August 16, 2019

Counselling for Teenagers

Teenagers are so hard to talk to! They lock themselves away and make grunting noises every time you try to engage. The biggest issue is your teenager talking and opening up. As you know, the teenage stage is super hard. There's the body changes, school pressure, social engagements, pressure to 'start thinking about the future' and annoying (sorry) parents who bug them about everything. We have been there before ourselves but this doesn't mean that your the best person for them to talk to. The number thing teenager say to us very quickly is 'they just don't get it'.

I'm sure you have tried many things to engage your teenager and it just feels like nothing works. At Safe Place Therapy we get the struggle for you and we are also very good at connecting with teens and tuning into their space so they feel comfortable enough to open up. There is a real trick to the trade here and our team knows how to build rapport quickly to get to the real issues. Often it is the case of having a third party who can sit with your teen's experience that makes all the difference.

One part of the problem is that teens have feelings all over the place and fin it very hard to put words to what is going on. Whether its a recent break up, failing an exam or being physically attracted to someone, all these things can feel overwhelming when it happens for the first time. We help teens puts words to feeling and, building a language and a way of dealing with stuff so it doesn't explode. The explosions that you see at home usually happen because the teen has reached boiling point from not airing and dealing with their issues well enough.

Mental health issues are a huge problem for young people. The real worry here is that your teen maybe experiencing mental health symptoms, not realize it and fall into some pretty unhealthy coping strategies. This might be heavily drinking, getting into the 'wrong crowd' or simply zoning out to try and escape. By not knowing whats going on for themselves and for parents to be shut out, the situation can get pretty messy. Here are some issues that regularly come up in counselling with teens.


Technology is an amazing resource but it also can be a nightmare. I'm guessing that it is a regular occurrence trying to pry your teen from their laptop or social for any kind of engagement. There are multiple reasons teens get sucked into the technology world and usually it is about connecting with friends or zoning out from crappy feelings. Overuse of anything can prevent good functioning and technology can really get in the way of better relationships, better mental health and coping.

Social connections

Friends of a teen become number one and take over the focus for the majority of high school. Parents have tried so hard to instill rules and ways of doing things and it almost feels like that all of this work is scraped away by the new best friend on the scene. With closer connections with friends comes less connection and open communication.

School pressure

School can be a great experience but it also can cause real dread for anyone going. Its a busy environment with different classes, teachers, other kids that affect everyone. Often kids have real problems with self confidence and an ability to disconnect themselves from the problem, blaming themselves for difficult situations. School study and issues with connecting with others are two major problems that can stop a teen in functioning well.

Significant Change

The teenage years line up with significant changes that have lasting effects. There are alot of firsts that happen at this time like first partner, driving a car, issues with friends, getting a job and the list goes on. There are also other changes that sometimes happen that are very much outside the teens control like parent divorce, a death in the family, moving house or changing schools. Bodily changes happen too which may increase self esteem issues or other feelings related to sexuality, gender or other orientations that can really confusing.

Safe Place Therapy is here to help

. Its not easy to ask for help for your child and we understand that you have tried your best so far. Its our job to jump in your teen's corner and work with them to understand the situation and build better coping, better mental health and better communication.

If you are worried about your teen now is the time to reach out. We are very open to chatting over the phone first and getting a good picture before we see them. Reach out today to make a time 0411 789 089 or email

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